Ready for the storm? (photo)

Well, people went a little bonkers getting ready for the storm. As you see in the photo below, they wiped out the bread aisle of my local grocery:

Bread gone before the hurricane.

Can’t blame people for stocking up. However, I just hope all this food doesn’t go to waste. It’s always wise to be prepared for a natural disaster, but do the right thing with your supplies.

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Daily Bread, Aruba

People frequently ask me about the food in the grocery stores here in Aruba. Regular visitors looking to stay longer on the island want to know what they can find in terms of the regular staples. So, I made this little video about the bread (rolls) from three different bakeries.

As mentioned, each of these bakeries sells a full line of products, including wheat, white, and oat bread. When time permits, I’ll make more videos showing different items from various stores so that you’ll have a better idea what to expect when you’re here. Hope this has been helpful.

Vesuvio Bakery, NYC

The Vesuvio Bakery in New York City has got to be one of the best in the city. It’s in SoHo and got on my list of go-to places for high quality carbs after my other place, Zito’s on Bleeker Street closed. (Zito used to make a prusciuto bread that would knock your taste buds out!) Here’s a look at Vesuvio’s front window on Prince Street.

You may have seen a post card of this shot, taken in winter time. If not, let’s go in for a closer examination of the breads on offer.

Holy-carbo-overload-moly! Yeah, that and imagine how good this place smells. Warm bread, fresh from the oven, sesame seed overtones. Delicious! Enough to make your stomach do flips. I always like this photo that is propped in the front window, too.

Proud owner and his children from days gone buy. Talk about the American dream, and still going strong. Places like this and the previously posted Murray’s Cheese Shop are just one of the million things that make New York City the great city that it is.

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