XMRE, Menu 4, video review

Here’s another review of a “meal ready to eat.” This one is made by XMRE Meals, and it is Menu 4. Here’s the video:

I have to say, these meals are quite tasty. There’s plenty of calories and decent nutrition as well. I prefer them to the freeze dried type of food. ┬áIf you’re putting together a kit for a natural disaster, XMRE’s would be a good addition. I will be reviewing a few more in the near future, so check back frequently.

Homemade Airline Meal No. 3

Thanks to everyone who sent me notes about the food they take on airplanes. Taking things up a notch, I made the next video about my third airline meal, which features some Italian-style flavors. Check it out.

As you can see, making a few substitutions will help things pack neatly and stay fresh until you enjoy your meal on the plane. Don’t forget those accessory packs. The little things go a long way to increasing your comfort. More airline meals to come so check back frequently!

Homemade Airline Meal No. 2, video

Here is my second homemade airline meal, this time with some Hawaiian flavor concepts. Check out the video:

Dig the ham and pineapple! I was quite surprised at how well that Starbucks instant coffee tasted. Almost like the real thing. (Please note, you’re not supposed to serve yourself alcohol on an airplane. Then again, many of us do.) More airline meals on the way soon so check back frequently.

Homemade Airline Meal No. 1, video

Travelers like to complain about airline food, but rarely do they do anything about it. My suggestion: take your own. Stop in to your local “dollar” store and select a few containers that will work for the type of meals you like. They have to be small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage as well as to meet the security requirements. Easy enough. Here’s my most basic meal, one that has served me well for relatively short flights, up to about 2 hours. Check out the video:

Naturally, you can customize that to suit your tastes, or add other items in the accessory pack. Be creative! There’s no reason not to have something satisfying to eat. So, instead of whining about the chow, make your own and let the person next to you be jealous. I have several more of these videos on the way showing the different meals mentioned in this one. Enjoy the journey.