Tall Tugboat

Here’s a photo of a tugboat with a wheelhouse way up there.


Better to see over the top of big barge. But surely rocks and rolls if the weather is rough.

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Car ship, inbound (video)

Of course, an iPhone will make great video. Today’s vid is more documentary than creative narrative. Nonetheless, it’s always good to practice one’s craft when the opportunity presents. So, here’s a quick look at a car ship on the Delaware River, inbound for Philadelphia:

The zoom on the iPhone degrades the quality a bit. Without a tripod, things get a bit shaky as well. Still, if you need to grab a shot, the iPhone can do the job.

Philadelphia Fire Boat (circa 2000)

The previous post showed my old Nikon F3 HP. As mentioned, I put many rolls of film through that camera. Some shots were good, others not so much. I happened to be on the Delaware River during OpSail 200o and took this snap of the Philadelphia Fire Boat leading the parade of sailing ships.


The above image is a scan from a negative. A little dusty here and there. Nonetheless, you get the idea of this rugged little craft and it’s capabilities. Will be putting a few more photos up soon. Stay tuned and thanks for watching!

In position…

The previous post showed the bottom of the graving dock in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Today we take a look at the square rigger, Gazela in position over the blocks.


Gazela in the graving dock at Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Notice the aircraft carrier in the background. Here’s another look at the team positioning the stern over a buoy so they know the keel will land squarely on the blocks.

Crew checks the position of Gazel's stern while as the graving dock is emptied.

Crew checks the position of Gazel’s stern while as the graving dock is emptied.

I hope to get back soon, taking photos of the ship high and dry. It will be interesting to see the hull shape as well as observe the repairs and refit that will be underway.