LA Confidential (video review)

One good turn deserves another, so here is a quick review of James Ellroy’s LA Confidential.

Even if you saw the movie, read LA Confidential. The book is very, very good, even better than the movie.

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Criminal Investigation, book review

Criminal Investigation by Karen Hess is a textbook used in criminology courses throughout the USA. I studied this book carefully as part of my research for writing one of my novels. The book is a thorough primer on the subject, starting with the basics and going all the way through to advanced techniques. Here’s my video review.

What I found most useful about this book was it’s organization. Without realizing it, I learned a bit about order and structure in the course of an investigation that applies to other areas of life, including writing a novel. Not that I always follow proper or even a logical procedure because part of writing is organic, taking its own course as it moves along. Nonetheless, a bit of formality improves the likelihood of success and I’m pleased to have received a tune-up in this area. So, if you’re someone who loves detective stories or just wants to have a look at the way a criminal investigation should be done, give this book a try.

Marsha Brown’s (video review)

Marsha Brown’s Restaurant is located in the center of New Hope, PA, USA. It’s a great restaurant for both lunch and dinner. The bar is also an enticing venue for people watching, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights as it is a watering hole for an eclectic crowd. Here’s my video review showing a recent lunch.

Hungry? I am. The meal was tasty and served up by a friendly staff. In particular, I find the bartenders here to be good at engaging the guest, keeping things moving, and serving up an honest pour. That’s the way I like it.