Papé Clément, Bordeaux

Twenty-five years ago (give or take a few), I enjoyed the big red wines of both France and California. In particular, I liked the reasonably priced reds from Bordeaux that could be had back then for between $14-$20 a bottle. Yeah, that was a little expensive but not a budget buster unless you were really enthusiastic. For various reasons (mostly bourbon induced) I strayed from these classic wines. Well, today I went looking for a few and discovered my old favorite Papé Clément. Wow! The price for a young bottle is nearly $100 with other years well above $200. That’s incredible. Of course, many improvements have been made at this winery. Check out their video:

That’s a serious outfit doing excellent work. Just pull the cork on a bottle and take a sip. You’ll be convinced without a doubt. Please enjoy responsibly.

Marriott Ocean Club, Aruba, (walk through)

You may have seen my review of the Marriott Ocean Club in Aruba in other places on the Net. Well, the video is finally up, showing you a walk through of a one bedroom unit with the lock out studio. No boring commentary, just a pass through the rooms, showing you the facilities as they are. And, you know, these rooms are very, very nice. Check out the video:

This arrangement would be perfect for a small family or a pair of couples. Considering all the amenities these places offer, I’m of the opinion that a place like this is a step above a hotel room, offering the flexibility of cooking some meals, relaxing privately, and just having a bit more space to yourself. Whatever you choose, enjoy your stay.

Lazy River, Marriott, Aruba

The Marriott Surf Club in Aruba has a feature called the Lazy River built into the swimming pool. A current carries you around a loop. You can float along, enjoying the Aruba sunshine without exerting yourself. Here’s a relaxing video to show you what it looks like.

This being December, it’s nice to see a video like that, if for no other reason, to thaw your bones. Bon dia.

Cupcakes, Aruba

While wandering through the Paseo Herencia Mall in Aruba, DWI, I discovered a brand new kiosk called Cupcakes & Berries. Cupcakes are, of course, irresistible. Hence, I spoke with the nice lady and availed myself of several delicious cupcakes including a double chocolate and a red velvet. Check out my video visit:

This is a great stop after dinner or for a take-away treat. Don’t forget, they also have chocolate covered strawberries and some zany accessories as well. Bon dia from Aruba.