El Bernardino, Segovia, return…

I’ve been to El Bernardino in Segovia, Spain, many times. It’s a popular restaurant, but don’t let that bother you. Simply go a little earlier than the usual meal time. You’ll have a seat, great service, and darn good food.

DSC_2897Of course, they do a delicious cochinillo here, have a great wine list, but don’t miss the ponche segoviano dessert seen below:

IMG_1841The dessert is worth a stop here. I did mention the wine, and here’s a tasty bottle you can find most anywhere.

IMG_1840The albariƱo wine goes with many things. Enjoy every meal. Take your time, too!

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French Cannoli w/Almonds

Been a long time since I posted about Rocco’s Pastry Shop on Bleeker Street in New York City. Regular readers of The Bent Page might remember this place has been a favorite of mine since 1986. Wow, closing in on 30 years of pastry and coffee. At any rate, stopped in recently and enjoyed a wonderful French cannoli with almonds as seen below:

French cannoli with almonds at Rocco's Pastry Shop, NYC.

French cannoli with almonds at Rocco’s Pastry Shop, NYC.

That, my friends, is a delicious pastry. Of course, Rocco’s makes many more delectable desserts and coffees. It’s hard to resist and worth busting the diet. Enjoy every meal!

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Thanks to The Classic Diner (Malvern, PA, USA), my dessert habit remains in full effect. They recently announced the availability of apple pie cupcakes. These delicious bundles of goodness have an apple pie like filling with butter creme icing drizzled with caramel. Yeah, triple down on the flavor. Here’s a look:

Apple pie cupcakes from The Classic Diner, Malvern, PA, USA.

Apple pie cupcakes from The Classic Diner, Malvern, PA, USA.

Wow, are the ever tasty! I’ve been rationing myself one per day. May have to make a re-supply run very soon. Enjoy every meal!

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La Mallorquina, Madrid (2014)

La Mallorquina located on the Puerta del Sol in the heart of Madrid is a pastry shop you don’t want to miss.

La Mallorquina, Madrid, Spain.

La Mallorquina, Madrid, Spain.

They’ve been around for more than 100 years and for good reason. All the great things inside will delight your taste buds. I’ve been here many, many times. I’ve taken pastry to parties, back to my hotel, and given them as gifts to friends. Worth every euro. They’re old school here, boxing your selections in these handsome containers:

Pastry box from La Mallorquina, Madrid.

Pastry box from La Mallorquina, Madrid.

To find out what’s inside, you’ll have to visit yourself! Sorry, but it’s worth the trip. Enjoy every meal, and dessert, too!

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