Luxe Shopping, Aruba

Relatives of mine love cruising and go on at least one cruise a year. One of the things they like to do is shop for jewelry and local items, as well as high end goods that may be better priced than they would find in the United States. Well, in Aruba, you have plenty of options just beyond the port where your ship docks. You’ll pass through the gate and walk down this street, headed roughly south, southeast.

Seems rather nondescript, but as you move along you’ll pass a number of jewelry stores, the Mont Blanc store, and a well-stocked cigar shop (yes, with Cubans). Then you’ll come to this area.

Here are several high-end watch sellers, including Gandelman and Little Switzerland. There’s also a few options for food and drinks upstairs including the Mambo Jambo Club. Here’s another view from the opposite side.

Tommy Hilfiger has a place on the corner there. Just down another half block you’ll come to the Seaport Casino and Mall. This is all luxury goods. Here are just a few photos for those who want proof.

It goes on to include Cartier, Bulgari, Ferragamo and so on.

There’s also the BCBG store for the ladies and a few decent shops for men’s clothes.

So, if you like to spend your money on this type of shopping, you came to the right place. Just in case you have some room on the credit card limit, you’ll pass this store on the way back to the ship or your car.

Just don’t let the tax man know what you’ve been up to.

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