A Pilgrimage

Everyone has their go-to joint, the place to which they make a pilgrimage for one reason or another. For me, it is the Mont Blanc store. Now, let me say that I’ve been using a Mont Blanc fountain pen for more than two decades. As mentioned in earlier posts, I write pages and pages and pages most every day. A fountain pen is the best tool for this job. At any rate, I happen to be on the island of Aruba just now, and thankfully Mont Blanc opened a shop about a year ago. Thus, the Pilgrimage.

Of course you’re not allowed to take photos inside. Here I found an assortment of gorgeous pens. They had the Greta Garbo model, numberous 149’s, a J.P. Morgan, not to mention a smattering of the rest of the product line. (As for the other luxury goods, I’m not all that interested.) Earlier in the year they had the Franz Kafka pen but sold out. (Damn! That was a nice one.)

As with all the Mont Blanc stores, the staff is knowledgeable of the products, friendly, and willing to show a potential customer whatever pen he would like to see. I fondled a few of them, thinking the prices were pretty good, then reconsidered because I already have three and can only write with one at a time. I use two colors of ink, which gives me the opportunity to “claim” to use two pens at a time. Nonetheless, another one was just not in the cards. These things do not wear out despite my efforts to prove otherwise.

Having made my pilgrimage I returned to the writing table to crank out a few more pages of Under A Blue Flag, which is the sequel to my novel, An Island Away.

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  1. OK, Daniel,
    Please excuse my ignorance for I have never been in a Montblanc. Why can one not take pictures?

  2. Retail security is one reason you can’t take pictures. Another one is that people will copy the designs and produce fake goods.

  3. I have always loved fountain pens, but haven’t owned one in years. Recently I decided to return to my “roots,” only to discover upon visiting every office supply store in town that fountain pens are rarer than Dodo birds. I used to be able to get OK Schaeffers and cartridges in any drug store. Times have really changed.

    The prices on the few pens I did find were out of my range, especially now that I was worried about refills disappearing from the marketplace as well, so I reluctantly went back to my rollerballs and ballpoints.

    It’s good to hear that Montblanc is still alive and well. Someday, maybe, there’s a fine pen in my future…

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