Spain Webcams

Spain has a fair number of webcams available to the public. Regular readers of this blog know that Spain is among my favorite places, (probably number one on the list). There is a great message board called On it you’ll find very good information from people who live, travel to, and know the details about Spain. This includes travel information, favorite places, great restaurants, cultural info, and so forth. As I said, much of it is first hand information, the best kind there is.

What I like most, however, is taking a peek at the webcam shots every now and then, especially when I’m between visits. Here is a direct link to Madridman’s page that has a list of webcams from all over Spain: Some of my favorites are the Segovia Aqueduct, the Plaza Santa Ana, and the different cathedrals.

There are many ways to travel in this modern world. Sometimes you have to put one foot in front of the other; other times you can do it from your computer. Sure, it’s not the real thing. But in a pinch, it’ll suffice. It may even help you work out your itinerary or enable you to communicate with people you might otherwise never meet. Try it. It doesn’t hurt a bit.

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