St. Francis Church, Aruba

There are many beautiful churches in Aruba. I made this video of St. Francis Catholic Church in Oranjestad. With the church, I included shots of the nearby Catholic Cemetery. There are many fine statues there and a small chapel, too. It’s worth a quick look around. Here is the video:

The music is “Santa Maria” by Los NiƱos de Sara. As you can see, there are several fine stained glass windows in the church and a few notable shrines. I’ve seen the faithful come here on various occasions. The level of their devotion is impressive.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I enjoy visiting sites such as this, particularly when they are in use. Whether it be Spain or Aruba or elsewhere, it is an authentic experience to see the people of a particular place living their culture. Furthermore, when experienced “live” you get a better sense of the actual rhythm of daily life as opposed to what you might hear from a guide or read in a book.

Bon dia from Aruba.