Tamarijn Resort, Aruba

The Tamarijn Resort in Aruba is located along the “low-rise” hotel portion of the island. The rooms are literally on the beach. The staff is friendly and helpful. And there is a shuttle service that will connect you to other Divi owned properties. Take a look at the video.

I held a book signing here for An Island Away. The staff was incredibly gracious, supported the effort with announcements, and steered people to my table with a warm smile. This type of hospitality is what put Aruba on the map as a favorite destination in the Caribbean.

Enjoy your stay and don’t forget the sunscreen. Bon dia from Aruba.

A Finished Manuscript

Bonk’s Bar, my next novel to be published, is complete. The photo below shows the stack of pages. Doesn’t look like much, but the whole story is there, from start to finish and everything in between. What a relief!

bonkjpost1Thanks to my editor, I made some last minute changes that truly improved the story. Happiness is having a good editor who makes you’re writing better, even when you thought you had the story exactly the way you wanted it. This has been a pleasant surprise for me during the completion of Bonk’s Bar, as well as An Island Away. Soon I’ll be working with her on my next novel. I’m looking forward to it.

As you can see, I’ve switched from Coca-Cola Classic to Caffeine Free Coca-Cola Classic. The only reason for this switch is that I can turn down the amperage now that this novel is ready to go. I can cruise a little through the one I’m currently knee-deep in writing. Still, it’s Coca-Cola or water and nothing in between (except Jack Daniels but that serves a separate and distinct purpose).

Enjoy your reading and check back for more updates.

Sunday Breakfast at La Vista

La Vista Restaurant at the Marriot Hotel and Resort, Aruba has been recently remodeled. We enjoyed the Sunday Breakfast Buffet a few weeks ago and here is a brief video showing the spread.

The view out over the beach is fantastic. You can see all the way to the ships at anchor. The price of this buffet is quite reasonable given all the food choices and omelets made to order. Guests of the hotel and visitors from other places come for the friendly service and quality cuisine.

Bon dia from Aruba.

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Aruba

This example of the Church of the Immaculate Conception is located in Santa Cruz, Aruba. The interior has been repainted a beautiful sky blue on the ceiling and around some of the niches. Take a look at the video.

The church is located in the center of Santa Cruz. The blue cross atop the bell tower is illuminated at night and can be seen for quite a distance. As the sun sets to the west, northwest, it is a striking backdrop for the bell tower and this cross. Another interesting sight is the adjacent cemetery were there are many examples of fine statuary and haunting photos of the deceased.

There are several more large churches in Aruba and I hope to make videos of every one. Bon dia from Aruba.

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