Aruba Departure, video

Departing Aruba aboard American Airlines flight 1036 was a happy but sad experience. It was a good six weeks, a few things excepted, and now it was time to head north. Captain Randy Masters was at the controls. Coincidentally, he piloted the flight that brought me to Aruba. He took us into the air with a smooth touch, banking the plane gently into a wide turn around the island. The view was spectacular. Here’s the video.

Wow, what scenery! As you can see, Aruba is green from all the rain. The sand and gravel pits are full of water. But the beaches are powder soft, the ocean lapis lazuli blue. The heart-shaped road that I zoom in on during the first third of the video is a place in San Fuego, where I hope to build a little house some day.

Regular readers of this blog know Aruba is one of my favorite places in the world. If you’re new to my blog, just surf ¬†through the Aruba posts and you’ll see some of the reasons why.

I’ll be returning to the island very soon, making more short videos, meeting people who have read my novel, An Island Away, and generally enjoying the Caribbean lifestyle. Bon dia, as they say in Aruba. Hasta luego, as they say in Colombia. In the mean time, there will be some posts about the island and my many other subjects here at the Bent Page.

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