To Read or Not To Read

A few posts ago, I talked about literacy and the price thereof. Well, a U.S. Congressman actually stated in public that there was no reason for members of that august body to actually read the bills before them.

Are you kidding me?

In other words, the United States Congress should simply vote blindfolded on whatever bill happens to land on the floor. Bills that they have not read and therefore can not understand thus become the law of the land and enforced upon the citizenry.

Talk about hubris!

These are the kind of people running the United States of America. As George Orwell said, “Some are more equal than others.” Some don’t even have to be literate to create the laws for the rest of us.

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  1. Thanks (?) to Conyer’s moronic statement they had a “training class” on the HI reform bill for Democrat congressmen yesterday–a pretty intensive all day session. One of our beloved TV networks needs to do something similar to educate the public, instead of allowing people from both sides of the argument to make misleading and often statements about the situation, which the public usually accepts as fact!


    PS Daniel–if you are not back in Aruba yet, give Lemongrass on Lancaster Ave. a try–great Thai food at a reasonable price (plus relatively–for downtown Philadelphia–cheap drinks!)

    • Joe,

      The fact that Congresspersons require a training sessions speaks volumes to the problem. Perhaps the legislation is completely bogus. The Constitution is a rather brief document. They should get a special class in that first, and then, if they pass the test, they get to take a seat in the hallowed halls.

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