Spare Bytes

No, this isn’t one of my many food posts. This is a friendly reminder that if you’re traveling, don’t forget to carry plenty of spare memory cards for your camera, computer, and video gear. During this trip to Spain, I brought a few extra memory units for each device. Gracias a dios! Because they came in handy.

I find with digital media, I take many more images than I would using film. There’s virtually no waste as they can be deleted later and the memory reused. If this were film, I’d have a suitcase full of exposed rolls and one large invoice for all the processing. Digial media is truly a bargain, especially when you consider the fleibility.

So, don’t skimp on those cards. Grab a few extras and let the cameras roll.

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Learning the Language

There are many different languages around the world and learning one other than your own is an excellent exercise. It can be hard work. It can also be fun. I’ve been working on Spanish since high school, off and on. The best way to learn is by immersing yourself in the language. You don’t have to travel to a foreign country. You can read other language websites, watch movies, or go meet people who speak it fluently. You’ll be surprise how quickly words and phrases stick with you.

Plus, speaking the language of a particular culture is a better way to understand it. You’ll tap into the subtleties, the cuisine, the way of life in a way that is not possible without specific language skills.

Enjoy the journey.

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Safe Arrival

American Airlines did an excellent job the last two days. They delivered me safely and on time to Madrid, Spain. There were some bumps along the way due to weather. Luckily we were no where near all that ash spewing from the volcano in Iceland. Perfect landing at Barajas Airport, too. Cabin staff also performed well, making sure everyone had what they needed and were as comfortable as possible.

So, once again, I’d like to thank American Airlines, especially their frequent flier mile program which made this journey possible on a tight budget.

Fly the friendly skies. Don’t forget your checklist!

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Gnomes take over Aruba!

Check out this wall I spotted in Aruba. The gnomes are taking over.

This was only a portion of the wall. Pulling back, you’ll see they went all the way to the end.

Then there was the rest of the wall, which stretched about 30 feet in the other direction. Amazing. That’s quite a collection. If you’re driving through the rural part of Balashi, on the way up to Jamanota, you’ll see this display in Aruba. Be careful. I’m not sure what those gnomes are up to.

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