Christmas by the Pool, Aruba

The Radisson Hotel on Aruba’s Palm Beach set up a wonderful display of Christmas decorations. Most cheery were the ones at poolside.

Nothing like sitting the water, sipping a cold drink, taking in the sun, and marveling at the colored lights. Merry Christmas!

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The Sign Says…

…Boston to Aruba. NO SNOW TO SHOVEL.

I can only imagine who put this sign up on Palm Beach, Aruba. Probably a guy who had it with the cold and snow. Can’t blame him, can you? Still, there is sunburn and hangovers to worry about. It’s not all rainbows and lollipops in the Caribbean. Or maybe it is…

Bon dia.

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Digital Beach, Aruba

While taking an early morning walk on the beach this past weekend, I noticed plenty of electronic devices. This person had the complete rig with the iPod player and digital reader.

Nothing like making yourself at home on Palm Beach, Aruba. Of course, the electronic readers make it easier to tote around dozens of books without the weight and bulk. Have to love that. And the prices are usually a little less than print versions. As for music, well, you have to have your tunes. Just keep it low so you don’t disturb the rest of us chilling out under the Caribbean sun.

Bon dia.

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Driving in Aruba

Driving in Aruba can be a contact sport. As they say in NASCAR, “Rubbing is racing,” or something like that. It was an exciting week for car crashes. A couple of rollovers and one into the ocean at Eagle Beach. Here’s a look from the local newspaper.

Let’s go in for a closer look at that one that went into the sea.

Wow, talk about doing it right when you do it. That driver had to work hard to get the car off that cliff. No doubt there’s an explanation. Be careful on the roads around here. Sometimes you might think you’re in a demolition derby.

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