Eagle Beach, Aruba, iPhone video

I’ve finally given up on using the other app for editing. For camera control it’s a bit better than the built in controls on the iPhone 6. For editing, quirky and unreliable. So here’s a look at Aruba’s Eagle Beach, the part near Amsterdam Manor.

This time of the year, the Caribbean is almost as warm as bath water. Enjoy it!

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Baby Beach, Aruba, video visit

Located at the south end of Aruba, Baby Beach hosts visitors and locals alike most every day of the year. Shaped like a horseshoe, a wall of rocks protects the beach from the Caribbean, and renders the water nearly flat calm. Take a look at my video visit:

I have another video, showing how to get to Baby Beach from the 1A. Just surf through my YouTube Channel: lenswork4. Enjoy your visit to Aruba!

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The Sign Says…

…Boston to Aruba. NO SNOW TO SHOVEL.

I can only imagine who put this sign up on Palm Beach, Aruba. Probably a guy who had it with the cold and snow. Can’t blame him, can you? Still, there is sunburn and hangovers to worry about. It’s not all rainbows and lollipops in the Caribbean. Or maybe it is…

Bon dia.

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Palm Beach Rainbow, Aruba

With all the rain Aruba has received in the past several months, there have been plenty of rainbows. This one showed up off the coast of Palm Beach this morning. Take a look at the panorama by clicking on the photo to enlarge it.

Here’s another angle in regular format.

The hotels and government have been doing a good job of keeping the beach tidy as these waves of weather pass over the island. Plenty of people were out strolling, reading, or just relaxing. Hey, that’s what the beach is for.

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