Visit Charlie’s Bar, Aruba

It’s nearly twenty years since I first set foot in Charlie’s Bar. It’s located in San Nicolaas, Aruba, a refinery town full of character at the edge of the Caribbean. It was founded in 1941 by Charlie Brouns, revamped by his son Charlie, Jr., and now operated by Charlie III. Join me inside this venerable institution for a look around.

Lots of stuff there to occupy your viewing pleasure while having a drink or a snack or both. The specialty is shrimp, served a couple of different ways. My favorite is steamed with garlic. They come with the heads on for those of you who like the juice. This isn’t a fancy place, drinks are shots and beer and the basics, nothing fuzzy or foamy. Given that Charlie’s began as a sailor bar, that’s to be expected. Enjoy yourself in Aruba and don’t forget the sunscreen. One other thing, try the Honeymoon Sauce, which is spicy hot and good on most anything.

Bon dia.

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