La Na, Thai

Thai food intrigues me. I know very little about this type of cuisine, but find myself willing to try it. So, recently I stopped in to La Na, located in Media, PA, USA, for a taste. It was quite delicious, with a mixture of flavors different from what I’m used to. Here goes. We started with the Thai Treasure appetizer, which is a typical dumpling and spring roll type of assortment. What made this more interesting was the sauce, there were four to choose from. Have a look:

I’m told this is a typical dish and not very exciting, but I liked it, all of it, and would make a meal of two of these plates and be very happy. But there was more. First the Chu Chee Duck as seen here:

That duck was perfectly cooked and tasty, not the least bit dry. Then there was the Evil Jungle Princess, not sure where the name comes from, but take a look.

Dig those fresh vegetables which were cooked yet crunchy and full of flavor. The sauce here contained a little heat without overpowering the individual items, which I took to be an achievement. Too often spicy food is all heat and now flavor. La Na got it just right for me.

La Na is a BYOB place, so don’t forget your favorite bottle. I’m not sure what kind of wine to pair with this type of food. Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated. On the quest to expand my tastes, I’ll be looking for more and different food.

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Rockefeller Rink

Ice-skating at Rockefeller Center is a favorite among New York City natives and visitors alike. The rink is set up below the central plaza, surrounded by flags of all nations above. Here’s a recent look at the space.

This winter has been mild (so far), and I’m sure it’s difficult to find a frozen pond to enjoy some skating. You can always stop in to the city, have some time on the ice here, then enjoy a great meal nearby. It’s a fun day with plenty to see and do. Enjoy it all.

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Waverly Restaurant (NYC)

The Waverly is really a diner, a real New York City diner, not a theme park styled imitation. I first visited this place in 1986 and it’s been cranking out the breakfast hits for me ever since. Lately, my visits are fewer and farther between, but enjoyable when they occur. If you’re looking for a breakfast served quick and hot, this is the place. Here’s a view of the outside.

The above photo shows how the place looks at about 6:30 in the morning. Can’t miss the retro neon. The most recent interior renovations have rendered the counter a bit shorter, but there are more booths and it is a little easier to move through the joint when it gets crowded, which it does. Scrambled eggs and bacon, French toast, all the breakfast favorites can be had here in less than five minutes. Stop in and find out for yourself.

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Airplanes at Wings Field

Wings Field is a wonderful small airport located just north of Philadelphia. Today they hosted an open house, featuring a number of modern aircraft. The following video takes you to see some of them.

Nice, eh? Absolutely. I learned to fly the Cirrus SR20 at Wings. Someday, I’d like to take the controls of one of the beauties featured in that video. In the mean time, I’ll be flying along at slightly slower speeds and lower altitudes, looking out for the traffic above. And by the way, if you get the chance to head off in one of them, don’t turn it down. You’ll love it! (Off to Aruba soon, so look for more exciting and interesting video from the island.)