Buffam’s Tropical Haven, Aruba, video

My shack in Aruba needed some major interior work, which meant I was going to be out doors for a few days. This wasn’t the first time, but luckily, I have a great place to tuck in, and that is Buffam’s Tropical Haven. This is a bed and breakfast type of establishment with just a few suites available. Here’s a video that shows you Buffam’s rooms and common areas, as well as how to get there from the main highway.

As you saw in that video, Buffam’s is a cozy spot. You have a swimming pool, the barbecue, and those patios almost all to yourself. And check out their prices! You’ll be surprised at how reasonable it is to stay there, which means you can stay longer or have more cash to enjoy during your visit to the island. I’m back in my own digs but still stop by Buffam’s for coffee and a chat because, well, it’s a comfortable spot with great hosts.