White Modern Cuisine, Aruba

White Modern Cuisine opened about a month ago here in Aruba. It’s located in the Palm Beach Mall on the upper level. As the name implies, the restaurant is decorated in a simple white theme as you can see here.

The food is truly at the top of what you’ll find on the island. Seriously. I had the good fortune of arriving a little early for my reservation and getting a table with a view toward the kitchen. It was possible to see the chef plating the dishes, and this fellow is a craftsman. We started with two appetizers. First, the scallops. Take a look.

The second appetizer was maple glazed duck with apple compote and more. Check it out.

The combination of flavors on the above plate were brilliant. Due to my limited culinary vocabulary, it’s difficult for me to describe it accurately. Suffice it to say, it was damn good (my highest rating). Now for the entrees. There was the chef’s fish, a mahi mahi as seen here.

And then a filet atop caramelized onions with a little salad and the best french fries I’ve had on the island.

Sorry, no room for dessert. However, there was a pair of mojitos flavored with a hint of passion fruit and the person guzzling them said they were her favorite. White is worth you money and time when you’re here in Aruba. The place deserves to be full every night. Bon dia or should I say, bon appetit?