Mirpas, Aruba

Mirpas is a restaurant located on the main boulevard leading into Oranjestaad. The theme is mostly tapas and small plates, which is right up my alley because I like to taste many different things in one sitting. So, here goes my visit.

The building is a former home with funky decor and a spiral staircase leading to upstairs seating. You can also sit outside under cover, or inside on the first level. We took a table upstairs in order to have a view over the marina, which is worth the short climb. After perusing the menu, we decided on a list of tapas and a couple glasses of wine. The first plates to arrive were duck wrapped prunes and blackened shrimp skewers. Here’s the photo:

It was a great start, the right combination of tangy and hot. Next came plates of cured meats and cheeses, which gave me a flashback to Spain. Here’s the meats first.

And then the cheese, and what it plate it was, the right selection of mild, pungent, and exotic.

The best thing here were the Tournedos Rossini and the flavor really hit the spot. This dish is also available as an entree, and I’d like to get back soon to try it that way. See the photo below for the tapas portion.

I almost forgot the chicken soup. Homemade, with a bit of cilantro that I normally wouldn’t like, but it was so fresh and nearly salt-free that you could really taste the vegetables, which made it a delightful switch from the other items. So here’s the bowl of soup.

Sorry, no room for dessert. The selection of wines are not to be missed. There is a great variety of by-the-glass choices at reasonable prices all the way to some fairly expensive ones, giving the diner an opportunity to splurge or stay on budget. Either way, they’re all good. Service at Mirpas did a fine job keeping our table supplied with our tapas and drinks. I plan to return in a week or so just to sample some of the many wines available and perhaps a few small dishes, then do an all out dinner. Enjoy your visit.