Fellini’s Cafe, Media, PA (USA)

Well, my regular Italian joint closed down a couple of years ago, and I’ve been looking for a regular spot with good food, reasonable prices, and decent atmosphere. There it was, right under my nose: Fellini’s Cafe in Media. The place is noisy and friendly, fairly priced and well-staffed. So let’s get the food. I like things simple, the old favorites. How about a caprese salad? Yeah, take a look:

Fellini’s caprese salad.

I like the little extras that came with that caprese salad, a little more flavor, a little more texture. This place is going all the way. Moving right along…

Fellini’s mixed salad.

Great dressing on those greens. Now for more of the usual done right  in a very, very big way, like spaghetti bolognese, enough for three people as the next photo shows:

Fellini’s spaghetti bolognese.

As long as we’re into pasta, let’s double down with the seafood linguine. Check it out.

Felllini’s seafood linguine.

Don’t even ask about dessert. No way was there room. Plus, there was plenty to take home for the next day. As mentioned above, service here is great and the prices are almost too cheap. It’s a good thing to have a place like this to drop in on a random day when you need a food fix. I look forward to becoming a regular.

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  1. That linguine looks good 🙂

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