Matchbook Memento

Matchbooks used to be a nice memento from restaurants and bars or weddings and other events. These days, I imagine, they are no longer the keepsakes they once were. Fewer people smoking and no real need for matches has taken away this micro-design memory jogger. Nonetheless, while cleaning out a drawer, I found this little book from Chumley’s, the old speak-easy on Barrow Street in New York City:

Chumley's Matchbook, circa mid-1990's.

Chumley’s Matchbook, circa mid-1990’s.

Had many great times at that little place: food, drink, laughs, and more. It was located behind an unmarked door, maintaining its speakeasy charm at 86 Barrow Street as the number on the reverse of the matchbook implies:

An "86" for the street number of Chumley's.

An “86” for the street number of Chumley’s.

As far as I know, the place is closed at this time. Ah, well, still have the memories and this little memento as a reminder. Cheers!

Airline Food (a nice meal!)

Enjoyed a very nice meal during a flight from MIA to PHL yesterday. What I liked most was the simplicity, which is a requirement (in my humble opinion) if your’e going to serve a meal from a closet, as most airline galleys are. This was courtesy of American Airlines, my preferred carrier.

Chicken wrap with couscous from American Airlines.

Chicken wrap with couscous from American Airlines.

The chicken wrap was tasty with a mustard-type dressing that kept things moist. The couscous was rather interesting and very difficult for me to describe. Suffice it to say, it was a nice touch. Portions are small but are probably the size we should all eat instead of the grand feasts. I’d like to give a thumbs-up to American Airlines for this combination. It’s a big improvement over some of the other meals I’ve had.

Fermin’s Bar BQ (Aruba), video visit

Stopped in for lunch at Fermin’s Bar BQ today. A friend recommended the joint, telling me the cook won the local bbq contest three years in a row. This place is easy to find, from the high-rise hotel area, take the road to the main intersection in Noord, then turn right and keep looking on your left. It’ll be easy to find because there’s usually plenty of cars there and a big sign. Here’s the video visit:

I enjoyed the ribs and chicken platter, which comes with two sides. My regular sides were the cole slaw and garlic mashed potatoes. I added the baked beans because baked beans always go with bbq. It’s a hearty meal and much better than the regular grilled ribs you find at so many places around Aruba. Also, the beer is ICE-COLD which helps tamp down the Aruban sun. Prices are local, the scene is local, and you’ll fit right in. Bring your friends for lunch and enjoy!

Coffee 4U, Aruba

On L.G. Smith Blvd, the main drag connecting Oranjestaad to the hotel area in Aruba, you’ll find Coffee4U.

Coffee 4U, Aruba.

Coffee 4U, Aruba.

This is a great place for a quick jolt, a pastry, or some gelato as seen below.

Gelato at Coffee 4U, Aruba.

Gelato at Coffee 4U, Aruba.

That stuff is pure kryptonite and mighty tasty. Especially if you double down and go with something like a cappuccino as seen next.

Cappuccino at Coffee 4U, Aruba.

Cappuccino at Coffee 4U, Aruba.

Plus, the airco in this joint will cool you down. Stop in and check it out while roaming the island or looking for a place to meet. It’s all good.