Scott’s Brats, Aruba, iPhone video

We’re making a quick visit to Scott’s Brats on Aruba’s Palm Beach. This joint will serve up some comfort food that will keep you going all day. Check out the iPhone vid:

Enjoy the bratwurst and the view, which is hard to beat in this part of the Caribbean. Prices are good, too. And if you like the Green Bay Packers, you’ll have lots to talk about. Bon dia.

Kitesurfing, Aruba, iPhone video

With Aruba’s fantastic winds, kitesurfing is a very popular sport here. On the south end of the island is a great spot where you can catch both the wind and some waves. Warning: Not for the timid! Here’s some iPhone 6 video showing you a few people riding the sea.

Be careful on this part of the island. The wind and waves can be a challenge. Still, it is an exciting sport and Aruba is one of the best places in the world to do it. Bon dia.

Galiña Stoba, JoAnn Snack, Aruba

Continuing with the food theme here in Aruba and still using the iPhone… here’s a look at the galiña stoba platter at JoAnn Snack. This is kind of like crock pot chicken with all the sides. Here’s the video:

The chicken is fall off the bone delicious. There’s plenty of starch there to keep you going all day as well. Again, the prices at these local joints can’t be beat. Plus, there’s lots of local atmosphere that you may find interesting and entertaining. Bon dia.

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Gnome Retirement Home, Aruba, video

I found this place in Aruba, a place where I think gnomes go to retire. Here’s the video:

Anyway, if you want to visit a gnome, you know where to find one.

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