Driving to Casibari, Aruba

The previous post showed the climb to the top of the Casibari Rock Formation. Here’s another video showing how to get there. It begins on the main highway, heading FROM the high rise hotel area coming into the Sasaki Traffic Circle. From there, you’ll see exactly how to get to the Casibari Rocks.

An easy drive to be sure. Be careful on the traffic circles, they can be a little tricky. The drive from the hotel area to Casibari is only about 10 minutes or so, depending upon traffic. Part of the video is accelerated to take out the boring stuff. Videos like this will continue, giving an inside look at Aruba and the many things the island has to offer. Bon dia.

Colorado Point Panorama

Here is an assembly of photos to create a 360 degree panorama looking off Colorado Point at the south end of the island of Aruba, DWI. It doesn’t fit here to try this link:


The point can be bleak, but that’s the striking beauty of it. The colors of the rocks vary, as does the sea. It’s worth a stop at this point for a photo op if you find yourself on the island.

Bon dia.

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Some Aruba Sights, video

It’s been a long time since I put together a little video footage of Aruba. So here’s one. It starts on the south end of the island, looking off Colorado point. Then takes a look at Baby Beach, the former Esso Colony and refinery. You’ll see Roger’s Beach, too, and Lourdes Grotto. Then it skips up to the middle of the island at Arikok National Park. From there see a small church in Piedra Plat then Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach, and finally California Lighthouse. Here it is.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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