La Rioja, Spain, panorama photos

While visiting the La Rioja region of Spain, I managed to test the panorama function on my little Nikon 1 AW camera. These photos were taken with the 6.7-13mm zoom lens, set on 6.7 side. Everything else, was done automatically by the camera. Here’s one taken from a rural road showing the vineyards:

Panorama of the vineyards in La Rioja, Spain.

Panorama of the vineyards in La Rioja, Spain.

Considering the camera did all the exposure work, it came out fairly well. Here’s another taken from a road that skirted the valley below:

Another panorama looking over a valley in La Rioja, Spain.

Another panorama looking over a valley in La Rioja, Spain.

It seems to be a total of about 180 degrees of view. I like this function and the way the camera performs. You can get a wider view and therefore a different perspective on the scene. And the Nikon 1 AW makes it rather easy. Take as many photos as you can!

Palm Beach Panorama, Aruba

Aruba’s Palm Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand. That may be the understatement of the blog. Recently, a few storms passed north of the island. The beach suffered some erosion but now is looking good again. Here’s a panorama taken this morning. (Don’t forget to click on the photo to enlarge it in a separate window.)

The lady is having a nice stroll like many people do during the early morning hours. You can see that fine sand, warm water, and the welcoming palapas. Bring your favorite books, beverages, and friends. Here’s another look, this one angled south toward the Holiday Inn.

There’s a few empty chairs waiting for you. There’s also some wind surfing gear and a couple of boats if you’re looking for a more active endeavor. The hotels did a great job of cleaning up the beaches. These sweeps continue on a daily basis to ensure a comfortable visit.

Bon dia.

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Club Arias Pools, Aruba

There’s a theme going strong here at The Bent Page: panoramas and swimming pools. Some friends and I stopped in for a visit to Club Arias, a bed and breakfast operation located in Savaneta, Aruba. This is far from the other hotels and offers an alternative for people looking to get away from the bustle of the major chains. There are beautiful pools if you like to swim or just sit in the water with a cold beverage. The first pool is deep enough for diving or a fun ride down the slide. Click on the photo below to get the full view:

Plenty of room in there for you and your family and/or friends. Just off to the right, you’ll find cold soft drinks like iced tea and lemonade on tap throughout the day. Perfect refreshment without the hassle of ordering at a bar. Then there is a second pool where the water is just deep enough to keep you wet while you’re in the lounger. To go with it is a swim-up bar separated by a rock feature. Again, click on the photo to get the full view.

You can see the doors to some of the rooms in the background. Talk about convenient! Three steps and you’re in the water. I’m still having fun with this panorama feature on the new camera. It will wear off. In the mean time, enjoy the photos. Bon dia.

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Colorado Point Panorama

Here is an assembly of photos to create a 360 degree panorama looking off Colorado Point at the south end of the island of Aruba, DWI. It doesn’t fit here to try this link:

The point can be bleak, but that’s the striking beauty of it. The colors of the rocks vary, as does the sea. It’s worth a stop at this point for a photo op if you find yourself on the island.

Bon dia.

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