Snorkeling at Rocky Point, Aruba

For all the years I’ve been visiting Aruba, I had not heard the term “rocky point” used to describe the area near Baby Beach, behind the former Esso Club. Whatever the case, two people went snorkeling there and only one came back. Beyond that, not many facts have been released. Here’s a video showing the conditions at the so-called “rocky point.”

Would you snorkel there? I wouldn’t. Baby Beach, with it’s beautiful cove and soft sand would be where I started. The Rum Reef Bar and Restaurant is located at the former Esso Club. Part of that operation includes a dive shop. Best to inquire there about a good place to snorkel.

Bon dia.

Mangel Alto Snorkeling, Aruba

The Mangel Alto area of Aruba offers some very good snorkeling. There are several points of entry. Two are shown on the video clip here. There is a third if you drive down toward the beach, past the Nam Yong restaurant, which is located on Spanish Lagoonweg. The underwater still shots that are incorporated into the video were provided my Kent Gerber. Take a look at the video.

When snorkeling here, keep a close eye on the sea conditions. You want to move out toward the reef, but as you do, you’ll find the ocean a bit choppy. It’s not all that difficult to swim in this, just remain mindful of where you are in relation to the shore. I’ve also found some “holes” in the sandy floor in the calm area sheltered by the cliff. Here you’ll find some zany fish and other creatures. However, out near the reef is where you’ll find the best viewing. Again, special thanks to Kent for providing the still shots. Judging by the photos I’ve seen of the fish he has caught, he’s lucky they don’t take their revenge on him when he’s snorkeling. And as always, please respect the marine environment.

Bon dia from Aruba.