Baby Beach, Aruba, iPhone video

Continuing with the series of iPhone 6 videos, here’s a quick look at Baby Beach, located near the southern end of the island of Aruba.

This video was made on a quiet, weekday morning. As you can see, no one around. If you want to enjoy a nice swim in tranquil waters, head there early. Afterward, stop in to Charlie’s Bar for a cold drink or New Pueblito Paisa for a hearty lunch, both in San Nicolaas. I’ll post more about those places soon.

Baby Beach to San Nicolaas, Aruba

Here’s a video showing exactly how to drive from Baby Beach, Aruba into the heart of San Nicolaas. Many people ask me for directions to some of my favorite places in Aruba and this video is a good reference. You can make the drive before leaving wherever it is you are, getting familiar with the sights along the way. There’s also a quick look inside the Hollywood Smokehouse and Charlie’s Bar, two great places to stop in for a snack and a beverage. (See other pages here on the blog that show the food.) Here we go.

That was easy! Plenty more of these videos to come. They’ll eventually end up as a series of links on the Aruba Driving Directions page here on my blog. If Aruba ever gets serious about streets signs, you won’t need these videos. In the mean time, well, it never hurts to have a preview of the terrain ahead. Bon dia.

Driving to Baby Beach, Aruba

Some visitors to Aruba find it a challenge to drive to the southeast tip of the island where Baby Beach is located. The street signs are not exactly clear in Aruba, but the driving is not difficult, just a little slow here and there. Well, if you leave the hotel area and take the main highway (1A) past the airport, all the way to the edge of San Nicolaas, you’re 3/4’s of the way to Baby Beach. From there, just follow this video.

That was easy enough. Baby Beach is a great place for a dip and bit of snorkeling, too. You can hang out here then head into San Nicolaas for a few drinks and a snack. I’ll have a video showing the drive into town very soon.

Bon dia.

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Snorkeling at Rocky Point, Aruba

For all the years I’ve been visiting Aruba, I had not heard the term “rocky point” used to describe the area near Baby Beach, behind the former Esso Club. Whatever the case, two people went snorkeling there and only one came back. Beyond that, not many facts have been released. Here’s a video showing the conditions at the so-called “rocky point.”

Would you snorkel there? I wouldn’t. Baby Beach, with it’s beautiful cove and soft sand would be where I started. The Rum Reef Bar and Restaurant is located at the former Esso Club. Part of that operation includes a dive shop. Best to inquire there about a good place to snorkel.

Bon dia.