Snorkeling at Rocky Point, Aruba

For all the years I’ve been visiting Aruba, I had not heard the term “rocky point” used to describe the area near Baby Beach, behind the former Esso Club. Whatever the case, two people went snorkeling there and only one came back. Beyond that, not many facts have been released. Here’s a video showing the conditions at the so-called “rocky point.”

Would you snorkel there? I wouldn’t. Baby Beach, with it’s beautiful cove and soft sand would be where I started. The Rum Reef Bar and Restaurant is located at the former Esso Club. Part of that operation includes a dive shop. Best to inquire there about a good place to snorkel.

Bon dia.

Sunrise at Baby Beach

When it’s cold outside and you’re feeling a little blue, or maybe just need a recharge from the Caribbean dawn, take a look at this video of the rising sun at Aruba’s Baby Beach.

Yeah, that’ll do it. Bon dia from Aruba.

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Reporters at Work

There’s been some international news coming from Aruba in the past week or so. A swarm of reporters has descended on the island to bring live video to the world. Here is a photo of a group of them working in San Nicolaas, trying to get the shot of a suspect being escorted from the police station.

Check out the intrepid cameraman atop the van.

I have to admit, these people work very hard to get the shot. They were camped out all day for about ten seconds of material. That’s a long time to be in the Aruban sun without a drink. It’s a tough job that deserves more respect than it gets.

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