Small vehicles, Rome, Italy

Walking around Rome, Italy, I spotted a number of tiny vehicles. In a city of tiny, winding streets, it’s definitely easier to use one of these than a full-size machine. This fleets makes deliveries:

DSC_3099You can see their size relative to the people and car on the right. Then was this passenger vehicle:

DSC_3197Look at it compare to the bicycle on the right. Here’s a colorful variation:

kbdRKjRUSUSm4ovqZw%LNAThe roof is actually lower than the top of the windscreen on the scooters. And as you can see more clearly in the next photo, it’s a pop top.

ALOrWpfBTpSyoQwB2hrQLQI’m sure they get great mileage and are just enough to get you where you want to go and keep the weather off. Be careful.

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Tiny Car

Not sure what kind of car this is, but I spotted it on the street and took a quick snap.


Looks like a small engine tucked in the side, probably just enough for in-town speeds. Parking is surely easier. It would fit perfectly with the tiny house movement. Be careful on the roads.

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Aruba Airport to Hotels, Driving Video

Here’s another one of my Aruba Driving Directions videos. This time, you’ll go from the Queen Beatrix Airport to both the low-rise and high-rise hotel area. Instead of driving through Oranjestaad along the waterfront, you’ll go inland to avoid what can be a very congested area. Depending upon the time of day, both routes can be busy, so be warned. Here it is:

As always, be careful while driving. If you have a passenger with you, let them enjoy the sights during that first, unfamiliar ride. Concentrate on the road. Enjoy your visit to Aruba! (For this video: Cameras and lenses by Nikon.)

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BMW from Hertz, Spain (2104)

During my most recent visit to Spain, I had the pleasure of driving a very nice car. Thanks to various points and promotions from Hertz, I was able to secure this BMW 3 series:

3 Series BMW rented from Hertz, Barcelona, Spain.

3 Series BMW rented from Hertz, Barcelona, Spain.

What a pleasure to drive this car. It was equipped with a GPS navigation system that worked very well. It’s diesel engine was quite efficient, especially given it was paired with a six-speed manual transmission. Here’s a photo of the instrument cluster just before I began the drive:

Instrument cluster in 3 Series BMW rented from Hertz, Spain.

Instrument cluster in 3 Series BMW rented from Hertz, Spain.

Take note of the trip odometer which shows all zeros. Then, at the end of the drive, when I arrived in Madrid, I snapped the next photo:

Instrument cluster at end of driving across northern Spain.

Instrument cluster at end of driving across northern Spain.

Again, note the trip odometer and see that I drove a total of 2,517.3 kilometers. That’s a fair distance. So many wonderful stops along the way, many of which you’ll find here on The Bent Page. Plus, the scenery was outstanding. And this machine performed like a champ. Thanks, Hertz!