Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Like many famous public sites in Rome, the Trevi Fountain can be crowded to the point where taking a decent photo is practically impossible. I managed to snap this one on a lucky afternoon.

DSC_3073I went back early in the morning a few days later and tried again:

+V9XrGQITWyB%QEW2g1WygThe light wasn’t as good, hence the grey-looking statuary. However, on that same morning I saw a photographer working with a couple of models featuring wedding attire:

EKVlEK9wTOugnnREKQ8wlQIf you’re going to visit this site, do it early, then go to breakfast.

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Cathedral of Toledo, Spain (2017) exterior

It had been 13 years since my last visit to Toledo, Spain. Far too long. Of course, I had to see the Cathedral, which has had some sprucing up since my last visit. It’s hard to capture this structure’s exterior in a single photo. Here is one attempt:

DSC_2923And that’s really only a small part. There’s a massive tower:

DSC_2944But as you can see, the closeness of the other buildings makes it a challenge to get a fair perspective.

DSC_2924In my next post, I’ll show some of the interior, which is equally impressive and ornate. Check back soon!

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Piano practice

As with anything, practice makes perfect. So, after some years away from my piano, I’ve begun again. It is truly a labor of love as playing music can be one of the most rewarding activities of human existence. There are some things that just sound right. Don’t ask me about music theory; I don’t know much about it. But one’s ear doesn’t lie. It sounds right; it is right. The following piece has some lovely chord progressions that I enjoy.


It’ll be many months before I can play this piece to the level I could years ago. It will be fun re-learning it and many others. Play on!

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