Signature Drinks, Aruba

Although I like my adult beverages simple, I appreciate the creativity of a good bartender. Hence, while having a few drinks at White Modern Cuisine (one of Aruba’s best restaurants), the bartender provided me with a handsome brochure of some signature drinks he created, each one a play on words and favorite cocktails.

Signature Drinks, Aruba, brochure cover.

Signature Drinks, Aruba, brochure cover.

This glossy foldout provides a photo and recipe for each of the drinks.

Aruba Signature Drink, "Windy Sour."

Aruba Signature Drink, “Windy Sour.”

Of course, you have to have the best ingredients and some equipment to make these drinks.

Signature Drink Aruba, "Conchi Cosmo."

Signature Drink Aruba, “Conchi Cosmo.”

As in the “Conchi Cosmo” above, you’ll be making foam to top it off, which might be just the trick.

Aruba Signature Drink, "Cave Cooler."

Aruba Signature Drink, “Cave Cooler.”

That “Cave Cooler” above does look very refreshing. I had the pleasure of watching Bartender AJ produce several of these drinks. The man is a master craftsman.

Aruba Signature Drink, "Bellini"

Aruba Signature Drink, “Bellini”

AJ also has a great rapport with the clientele, explaining the origin of his drinks as well as the various type of liquor in each one.

Aruba Signature Drink, "Haltorita."

Aruba Signature Drink, “Haltorita.”

As you, my loyal readers know, it’s the people that make the place. Stop in to White Modern Cuisine for a great meal and fantastic drinks. (Don’t forget, we all have our favorite watering holes. Be sure to enjoy yours responsibly.) Bon dia.

My friend Claudia, Aruba

Claudia has to be one of the most popular people on Palm Beach, Aruba. Her warm smile and engaging personality welcome friends and strangers alike. She used to tend bar at the Kibrihacha Bar, but has since moved over to The Beach Bar, near the Playa Linda. Here’s a photo of Claudia and I together.

The famous Claudia on the left.

I’ve known Claudia for quite a few years now. She puts up with my poorly spoken Spanish and teaches me the correct way to say things. She also makes a fine drink. So, if you’re on Palm Beach during your visit to Aruba, stop by and say hello. Bon dia.