My friend Claudia, Aruba

Claudia has to be one of the most popular people on Palm Beach, Aruba. Her warm smile and engaging personality welcome friends and strangers alike. She used to tend bar at the Kibrihacha Bar, but has since moved over to The Beach Bar, near the Playa Linda. Here’s a photo of Claudia and I together.

The famous Claudia on the left.

I’ve known Claudia for quite a few years now. She puts up with my poorly spoken Spanish and teaches me the correct way to say things. She also makes a fine drink. So, if you’re on Palm Beach during your visit to Aruba, stop by and say hello. Bon dia.

Office Extension, Aruba

Not sure which part of the office this happens to be, but I was working on some story material yesterday at The Beach Bar, located on Palm Beach, Aruba. Here’s the photo:

My temporary office extension, Aruba.

Took the old Mont Blanc pen and put it to good use. This is the one that was recently repaired. Performed perfectly, as did the Jack Daniel’s to the left. Very nice view here, just a few steps away from Scott’s Brats, in front of the Playa Linda, where I would have been but they’re closed on Sunday. Have to swing by today to fuel up. Bon dia and keep reading!