Aruba’s Pet Burial Ground

On the southeast tip of Aruba, there is a solemn place where pets are buried. I’ve updated the video to better quality. Here it is:

We all love our pets and this place gives them a peaceful final resting place.

Pet Burial Ground, Aruba

There is a Pet Burial Ground near the southern tip of Aruba. It is located several hundred yards beyond Baby ┬áBeach. There you’ll find makeshift wooden crosses, small piles of rocks, and even elaborate grave markers, all erected by loving owners for their dearly departed friends. I made this video, which shows the general area and some details, too.

Of course, all pet owners understand the sense of loss and bereavement that occurs when a pet passes. What I like most about this place is the personal nature of each marker. These aren’t things created by professionals, but rather individual works that reveal as much about the owner as they do about the pet.

If you happen to come to Baby Beach or are just out for a drive on the island, stop by this area. It is a poignant reminder that we’re not alone on this planet, that our pets enrich our lives every day, even after they pass into the next world. And always be kind to animals.

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