Cool pet ride!

I spotted this handsome BMW motorcycle on a street in Florence, Italy. It featured some unique storage gear.

DSC_3507Note the carrier on the rear of the motorcycle.

DSC_3505Looks like a specific build for “Pedro.” Here’s a closer look:


There is a blanket in there and leash to keep Pedro ensconced in the unit while on the roll. A great piece of equipment from someone who surely enjoys travel with the pet.

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Aruba’s Pet Burial Ground

On the southeast tip of Aruba, there is a solemn place where pets are buried. I’ve updated the video to better quality. Here it is:

We all love our pets and this place gives them a peaceful final resting place.

Titan, Aruba

Titan is a giant male cat that hangs out at Zeerover’s fisherman’s wharf in Savaneta, Aruba. I’ve seen him around from time to time. He’s not very friendly to people nor does he take kindly to other cats. You see, when they land the fish, he gets first crack at the guts and whatever else drops off the filet knife. Just look at him:

He does like to perch on high, preferably aboard a vehicle. Please, don’t mess with Titan, or he’ll take finger!

Bon dia.

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Snikkers (not Snickers)

Snikkers is a cat who loiters at Buffam’s Tropical Haven, a bed and breakfast here in Aruba.

Snikkers ambled in one day and more or less comes and goes as she pleases. Of course, she’s a friendly calico who likes you to give her plenty of attention. Then, after a quick nap, she bolts after a lizard or some other unfortunate creature.

Be kind to animals, it’s one of the keys to Heaven.

Bon dia.

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