Delaware Bay Anchorage

We interrupt the postings from Spain for this photo taken on a southbound flight over the Delaware Bay. Look closely and you’ll see ships in the anchorage.

IMG_0022That’s Cape May in the upper left part of the frame. I used to be down there looking up. Now I’m up there looking down. Kind of strange. Thanks to American Airlines for another great flight.

Cape May Harbor

Cape May, NJ, USA has a beautiful harbor. If you like to watch the boats, there are several vantage points. Here’s a look at the commercial fishing fleet rafted at the dock.


Be sure to check out the sport fisherman, the pleasure craft, and even the paddle boards and kayaks. There’s all types of vessels about. And then, just a short walk away, you’ll find plenty of establishments to enjoy a meal and beverages. Take your time. No hurry.

Flying to Cape May, NJ (KWWD)

Took the Diamond DA-40 for a nice fly a few days ago. The weather was absolutely perfect: Clear skies, low humidity, moderate temperatures. No reason to stay on the ground. I took the long way, flying down through northern Delaware then turning across the upper reaches of the bay, following the western coast of New Jersey then to Cape May Airport. A pair of World War II bombers were parked there. Here’s a look:

World War II bombers at Cape May Airport.

World War II bombers at Cape May Airport.

After taking off from Cape May, I did a few circuits around the lighthouse, enjoying the clear view below:

Cape May, NJ from about 2,500 feet.

Cape May, NJ from about 2,500 feet.

Then it was time to head north. Through that smooth air the flight went perfectly, including this view of the Delaware looking toward Philadelphia:

Looking inbound at the Delaware River near Salem, NJ.

Looking inbound at the Delaware River near Salem, NJ.

It was a great flight, a good time to practice my skills and enjoy the privilege of being above it all. Always do your checklist!

George’s Place, Cape May

Stopped in to George’s Place for a nice lunch in Cape May, NJ recently. This place has been on several TV shows, but I just like local joints that serve up someone’s specialties. Greek food is on the menu, so we started with pita and hummus that you see here.

Pita and hummus at George's Place, Cape May.

Pita and hummus at George’s Place, Cape May.

That pita was super fresh and light, as was the hummus. Then we enjoyed gyros, like the chicken one you see in the next photo:

Checken gyro at George's Place, Cape May, NJ.

Checken gyro at George’s Place, Cape May, NJ.

Dig that sauce! Very good, with some subtlety that I wasn’t expecting. Nice. The tomatoes, onions, and lettuce all crunchy fresh which added a nice contrast. It’s served with those veggie sticks for those keeping a bit healthy. Get a side of fries or something to boost your cholesterol. A good meal with good service. Worth a stop if you’re in Cape May.