George’s Place, Cape May

Stopped in to George’s Place for a nice lunch in Cape May, NJ recently. This place has been on several TV shows, but I just like local joints that serve up someone’s specialties. Greek food is on the menu, so we started with pita and hummus that you see here.

Pita and hummus at George's Place, Cape May.

Pita and hummus at George’s Place, Cape May.

That pita was super fresh and light, as was the hummus. Then we enjoyed gyros, like the chicken one you see in the next photo:

Checken gyro at George's Place, Cape May, NJ.

Checken gyro at George’s Place, Cape May, NJ.

Dig that sauce! Very good, with some subtlety that I wasn’t expecting. Nice. The tomatoes, onions, and lettuce all crunchy fresh which added a nice contrast. It’s served with those veggie sticks for those keeping a bit healthy. Get a side of fries or something to boost your cholesterol. A good meal with good service. Worth a stop if you’re in Cape May.

Driving to John’s Roast Pork, Phila

Last year, I posted a video showing the roast pork sandwich at John’s in South Philadelphia. People have been asking me how to get there, so just like those videos I make in Aruba, here’s one showing you how to get there, starting on I-95 northbound near the Philadelphia Airport.

Just in case, please note that John’s Roast Pork is located on the corner of Weccacoe Street and Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia. If you’re looking for the best roast pork sandwich and/or cheesesteak, John’s is the place. Enjoy it all and be prepared for a nap afterward.

Taste of Belgium, lunch, Aruba

I posted about dessert at Taste of Belgium. Well, here’s a photo essay on the lunch there. First, let me say the service here is very good, professional, capable, friendly. That counts for quite a bit at a restaurant and this place gets it right. Now, on to the food. There were two of us, but we started with one salad, a chopped number with asparagus. It was crunchy-fresh delicious. Take a look:

I like my greens and that plate really hit the spot. Nothing was left out, just the way I like it. Moving on. There was a salmon wrap (not my thing) but reported to be tasty. Here it is:

Again, simply presented with the sauce on the side, highlighting a solid-to-the-tooth favorite. Finally, there was the ham and cheese shown here for yours truly:

Sorry to say, the ham was a little weak. However, the bread, the hard-boiled egg, the rest was well above my expectations. Thus, we were well satisfied. And I’ll be back to this place for all the reasons mentioned herein. Posts here at The Bent Page will be made accordingly. Bon dia from Aruba.