Alarcón, Spain, Fortifications

Alarcón, Spain, features a handsome set of fortifications. The town itself perches atop a tower of rock that rises above a winding river, making it an ideal place to built a castle. Take a look at the long view:

The main tower sits on the left side of the frame above. The watch tower to the right gives a great view into the next valley as wells as intersecting fire should someone have been stupid enough to approach from the area of that reservoir below. Note the walls that form a line about half way up the hill to the town. Panning slightly left, you’ll further see how isolated the town’s position is:

In the foreground left, stands another watch tower that guards the access road leading toward the town’s main gate. The people who fortified this town were serious about their mission. The main fort is now a paradore, welcoming visitors who wish to spend the night and enjoy a nice meal. I didn’t have the opportunity to stay there or dine. Let’s take a look at that building from the other side:

Those rain clouds passed while  I enjoyed a nice lunch. More about the food later. Check out the rainbow on the left. It was a nice touch for the photo. Before leaving, take a closer look at the road and the town’s main gate:

Alarcón isn’t the largest castle you’ll see in Spain. However, it does have all the features you come to expect from Spanish castle builders. Plus, you’re able to get up close to this piece of history.

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Spanish Castles

Any visit to Spain has to include a castle or two. There are plenty to choose from. In fact, the challenge is which ones to visit given the limited amount of time during a particular tour. I found a website that has plenty of photos. Here’s the link:

The homepage has a map that you can click on. You are then directed to that particular region’s castles. So many photos that you can spend hours sorting through them. One thing that always amazes me about these castles is simply how many stones had to be cut and stacked. Millions of tons! Incredible feats when you think about the lack of machinery. I’m looking forward to posting my own photos soon of a couple of these castles. You’ll find them right here on The Bent Page.

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Castillos (con encanto)

Previous posts here at The Bent Page mentioned a few castles in Spain. In the process of planning my next stay, I rediscovered a book called Castillos con encanto, which I had purchased in Spain. This book is one of a series of books published with the con encanto tag.

castbookThis book provides plenty of useful information, not to mention dozens of great photographs. There is also a map section, which works well when doing general trip planning. You will need Spanish skills as the book is written entirely in that language. However, it is an opportunity to further your involvement in the culture as you work out your plans.


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