Facebook at last!

It seems I’ve finally entered the 21st century. Despite my affinity for fountain pens, slow flying airplanes, and traditional story-telling, I have relented and a Facebook author page is now available. This is a good thing because many of you are on Facebook and it will be very convenient to find The Bent Page, my YouTube videos, my website, and the latest about my books. You’ll also see a steady stream of updates on what I’ve been doing (getting in trouble) lately.

So, here’s how to find me on Facebook. Log in to your Facebook account like always. Copy this link:

and paste it into the URL window at the top of your browser and it will send you to my page. It should look like this:

When you click on the thumbs-up “like” button, you’ll be taken to my page with an update on the new book, Dark Currents. Alternatively, you can search for Daniel Putkowski, and my page should pop up. I’m looking forward to connecting with more people in this newfangled way. All the best, and happy reading!

Spanish Castles

Any visit to Spain has to include a castle or two. There are plenty to choose from. In fact, the challenge is which ones to visit given the limited amount of time during a particular tour. I found a website that has plenty of photos. Here’s the link:


The homepage has a map that you can click on. You are then directed to that particular region’s castles. So many photos that you can spend hours sorting through them. One thing that always amazes me about these castles is simply how many stones had to be cut and stacked. Millions of tons! Incredible feats when you think about the lack of machinery. I’m looking forward to posting my own photos soon of a couple of these castles. You’ll find them right here on The Bent Page.

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