Colosseum, interior

As promised in the previous post, here are some views from the interior of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. My visit entered at street level. However, I snapped this pic from further up:

DSC_3420The wide-angle perspective above does give a sense of the scale of the Colosseum. Use the people down below to gauge the size. Here’s another view, more from floor level:

DSC_3390The photo above gives a sense of what it would have been like to be in the arena looking up at the audience. Next is a look at the substructure beneath the arena floor:

DSC_3399In those rooms and corridors people and animals were prepped for the show. What a horror it must have been. Finally, here are a few photos showing access to the arena and the view from the Colosseum out toward Rome.

DSC_3412Looking out:

DSC_3426When visiting the Colosseum, wear sturdy shoes and be prepared for lots of stairs, walking, and standing. Enjoy.

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Cathedral, Segovia, Spain

Segovia’s Cathedral stands atop the hill in the old town, fronting a plaza that has an excellent market.

DSC_2872Like many historical structures, the cathedral has been repaired and reconstructed lately, which I was glad to see because the last time I was here I could not get inside.

DSC_2884The towering columns are clean, showing the master stonework. The detail photo below reveals the remnants of paint that once adorned the columns.

DSC_2879There’s plenty of gold leaf around the pipe organ as well:

DSC_2896Note the people in the photo above, which provide scale to the size of this structure. I’ll post again about some of the art in the cathedral. Check back soon!

Moasterio de la Armedilla, Spain

Driving south from Peñafiel toward Segovia, I came upon the ruins of the Monasterio de Armedilla.


The plaque above shows a rendition of how it once looked. Today, you’ll find ruins of the main buildings:


And here’s a look inside:


It’s amazing how many ruins of structures like this exist in Spain. One need only drive along some of the more rural roads to encounter them.


Just be careful doing any exploring. There many be dangerous conditions and creatures about.

Astorga Cathedral, Spain

The square towers of Astorga’s Cathedral stand tall over the town as well as the nearby Episcopal Palace designed by Gaudí.

DSC_2819.JPGNote the different colors due to the fact that the towers were built at different times. Inside, you’ll find some incredible artwork such as the tableau shown in the next photo.


This is not the largest Cathedral in Spain, but, like all of them, it has it’s own story and grace.

DSC_2809I can look at these places again and again, appreciating the work it took to build them. Take your time, find a quiet spot, and just listen to the stones.

DSC_2802Enjoy every visit!