John’s Roast Pork (May 2014)

Couldn’t resist! Had to go back to an old favorite, namely John’s Roast Pork in Philadelphia. This is the best joint for a roast pork sandwich or a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Be sure to following the signs when you arrive:

Follow the signs at John's Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

Follow the signs at John’s Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

And here’s a look at the many tasty options you’ll find inside:

The tasty options at John's Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

The tasty options at John’s Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

Inside you’ll find a line, but it moves fairly quickly as they people behind the counter crank out the culinary hits:

Inside John's Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

Inside John’s Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

I enjoy the cheesesteaks here as well as the roast pork. Hard to tell you which is best. This time I had a large roast pork and put some hot peppers on. It isn’t pretty, but it is tasty, as you see in the next photo:

Large roast pork sandwich at John's Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

Large roast pork sandwich at John’s Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

And if you don’t know where this place is, here’s a map to show you exactly:

Map showing location of John's Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

Map showing location of John’s Roast Pork, Philadelphia.

Easy to find. Bring a hearty appetite because there’s always plenty to eat!

Driving to John’s Roast Pork, Phila

Last year, I posted a video showing the roast pork sandwich at John’s in South Philadelphia. People have been asking me how to get there, so just like those videos I make in Aruba, here’s one showing you how to get there, starting on I-95 northbound near the Philadelphia Airport.

Just in case, please note that John’s Roast Pork is located on the corner of Weccacoe Street and Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia. If you’re looking for the best roast pork sandwich and/or cheesesteak, John’s is the place. Enjoy it all and be prepared for a nap afterward.

John’s Roast Pork, video review

It’s been too long since I last posted about John’s Roast Pork. And it’s been a much longer time since I first stopped in here with my friend, the captain. He was the one who took me from our side of South Philadelphia to the other side for a roast pork sandwich that became my gold standard. That was 20 years ago this month. I’ve been plugging my arteries ever since. Here’s a video review of the place.

I hope to interview John himself one of these days and also his mother, Vonda, who with her husband John, started this institution back in the 1930’s. Seriously, if you want a cheesesteak or a roast pork sandwich, go nowhere else. Go to John’s.