Cool pet ride!

I spotted this handsome BMW motorcycle on a street in Florence, Italy. It featured some unique storage gear.

DSC_3507Note the carrier on the rear of the motorcycle.

DSC_3505Looks like a specific build for “Pedro.” Here’s a closer look:


There is a blanket in there and leash to keep Pedro ensconced in the unit while on the roll. A great piece of equipment from someone who surely enjoys travel with the pet.

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Check out this vintage Rokon from 1971, lovingly restored by a friend of mine.


Before there were all many of all terrain vehicles, there was the Rokon, which features an amazing design. Both the front and rear wheel are drive wheels thanks to a gear box located under the seat and a driveshaft that runs forward.


The Rokon is a rugged machine designed for rough use. The wheels are hollow and you can use them to store fuel.


While innovative, the design is fairly simple as you can see in the close-ups above and below.


It’s an impressive unit given when it was first available. Some stunning examples still in use.

Harleys at Charlie’s

This post is for my brother-in-law. He and his wife have a pair of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and enjoy riding them most everywhere. Of course, driving to Aruba would be difficult. The good news is you can rent a Harley here on the island and take a guided tour or go exploring on your own. One of the regular stops on the tour is Charlie’s Bar, my favorite watering hole. Here’s a look at the bikes parked out front.

charlieharley_1That’s a nice selection of hardware there. While I’m not much of motorcycle enthusiast, I appreciate the vibe. It has to be a barrel of fun, especially on a Caribbean isle, just rolling along, sunshine on you, breeze blowing, taking in the sights. Nice way to ride.

charlieharley_2There in the background you see Charlie’s Bar, a San Nicolaas institution since 1941. On or off your bike, join us here for some refreshment. And please wear you helmet!

Bon dia from Aruba.