Pompeii, house interior

Looking through the windows and doorways of homes in Pompeii reveals the lifestyle of some of the residents. They appreciated their art work. In this post, we take a look at the mosaic in the entranceway of one house:

DSC_3150Quite the statement there in the foyer. And check out the arrangement of the next house with more mosaic flooring and a shrine toward the rear:


These were spacious homes of the wealthy for sure. Here’s a variation of the courtyard, complete with columns and greenery.

DSC_3151In the next post, we’ll look closer at the wall paintings. Check back soon!

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Theater and Temples, Pompeii

Depending upon how you enter Pompeii, the theater is one of the first significants sites you’ll see. Visitors are permitted to go all the way to stage level:

DSC_3118One can only imagine the shows the Romans put on there. There’s also an interesting temple nearby, but I couldn’t find any details about it. Here’s a photo looking in from the side:

DSC_3119Of course, near the center of town you’ll find the grand temples like the one shown below:


Looking at the base of the columns in the photo above, this structure must have been quite large, as were many things the Romans built. They certainly understand the grandeur of scale. More photos to come showing houses and business. Check back soon!

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Welcome to Pompeii!

Pompeii is one of those archaeological sites that’s a buck-list must for many people, including me. I’d watched countless videos about it, read books, and hoped to get there one day.


Well, I finally did. The photo above shows one of the entrances through the town walls. Note Mt. Vesuvius in the background. From this angle, you can see about 1/3 of the crater cone is missing. That’s the part that came down the hill, burying the town. Here’s another gate, this one actually in town:DSC_3140Note those paved streets, curbs, and sidewalks. Not much different than a modern town. The next posts, will take a closer look at the buildings in town, including houses, the baths, and shops.

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Pompeii, painted walls

While visiting Pompeii, you’ll find plenty of marvels, from the theater to the villas to the brothel, not to mention the technological wonders like the baths. What strikes the eye, however, are the interior decorations of the villas, specifically the painted walls.

DSC_3154One gets the sense of how the Roman people adorned their living spaces.

DSC_3186The scenes can be quite lively or rather mundane, no doubt based upon the resident’s taste.


The artists of the era must have been extremely busy because there were paintings after paintings covering large walls in all the villas. And these are only the ones recovered from the disaster. Surely there were more.

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