Termini Bros., tiramisu

While at the Reading Terminal Market last week, I stopped by Termini Bros. for some pastry. One of my favorites is tiramisu, and they have a single-serving version that was irresistible. Here’s a photo:

Termini Bros. tiramisu.

These are made fresh so you want to eat them right away. I toted mine back to the shack, polishing it off with a quart of coffee. The flavor was all there, reminding me to keep the meals a bit smaller to save room for dessert. Termini Bros. has all kinds of pastry, cookies, and cakes, all in various sizes. Stop by there, you won’t be disappointed.

DiNic’s Roast Pork, video

Located in Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market, Tommy DiNic’s roast pork sandwich was voted the best sandwich in the USA by none other than Alan Richman. I decided to try it for myself. Here’s the video:

That’s a darn good sandwich. Every element is perfectly cooked. Flavor pops from the first bite to the last. There is a long line, too, proving it’s not just me but a lot of people who think DiNic’s does a fine job. There’s also roast beef and beef brisket, both of which I need to go back and try. Stay tuned here for a follow up, also on my YouTube Channel, lenswork4.