Development? Rogers Beach, Aruba

During a drive around the southern end of Aruba today, I noticed some changes. One of the most interesting is the location above Rogers Beach, where there used to be a small police trailer parked. There I saw the police trailer moved, the parking lot asphalt scraped away, and a container bearing a sign for new residences. Here’s the panorama to prove it:

New development at Rogers Beach, Aruba? Maybe.

New development at Rogers Beach, Aruba? Maybe.

One thing for sureā€¦ the view is spectacular as long as you don’t turn north and see the refinery. Otherwise, a great spot. The water is sapphire blue, the sand soft, and the sunshine bright. Check it out. Maybe it is for you.

Roger’s Beach, Aruba

Near the southern tip of Aruba is an area known as Roger’s Beach. Crescent shaped, it curves out to the Caribbean, creating a handsome lagoon of bath-warm water. At the far end of the beach are a few small docks where fisherman moor their boats.

Like so many things in Aruba, however, there is a contrast between this beach and the refinery complex just about a mile away. You can be swimming or enjoying the sunshine here, and so long as you look to the south, southwest, you would never know that the refinery is just over your shoulder. Here’s a look at it, with the end of Roger’s Beach in the frame.

That view never bothers me. Refineries are a reality. This one doesn’t affect the beach very much. In fact this beach is typically less crowded than Baby Beach which is only another half mile further down the coast. So, give it a try. You might like it.

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