Lots of people are traveling this holiday season. So, please, take a moment to consider safety of all kinds. As you can see here, I checked out the safety briefing card during a recent flight.

Safety briefing card.

Pay attention to crew instructions. You never know, a little tip from them might just save your life. Happy travels!

In the event…

During a recent commercial flight, I was perusing the safety briefing card and noted this icon:

Water landing on the safety briefing card.

I don’t know. I think they need some more words on these cards. You see the graphic of the airplane pointing toward the water. Then there’s the red arrows indicating how to exit the plane onto the yellow rafts. But, who knows what all these things are? Could be slip and slides for the party crowd. Of course, the graphics are supposed to avoid the need for multiple translations. Either way, words might soon be a thing of the past and we’ll all write in little pictures like children. Some places do this already.