Landing 9R at KMIA

Another excellent flight aboard American Airlines. We were on time and arrived in comfort after a nice breakfast. Here’s a look at the landing at Miami International:

There are many professionals working behind the scenes, people we never get to see, making sure our flights are safe. Be a good passenger by cooperating with cabin staff and your fellow travelers. Courtesy is free. Use it liberally. (For those interested, this video was taken with a Nikon 1 AW camera.)

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Way up there…

One of the things I enjoy most about flying (big plane or small) is the view that you can’t have from terra firma. For example, yesterday I was aboard a commercial airliner, flying above the clouds as the sunset. Here’s what it looked like.

Dusk from 35,000 feet.

Dusk from 35,000 feet.

The floor of clouds was like a swell on the ocean. The sunset was a perfect gradient of all rainbow. Hard to beat that. Thanks to American Airlines for another safe, on time journey, as well as a pair of excellent landings. I’m always impressed at how well the professionals can handle those airplanes.

In the event…

During a recent commercial flight, I was perusing the safety briefing card and noted this icon:

Water landing on the safety briefing card.

I don’t know. I think they need some more words on these cards. You see the graphic of the airplane pointing toward the water. Then there’s the red arrows indicating how to exit the plane onto the yellow rafts. But, who knows what all these things are? Could be slip and slides for the party crowd. Of course, the graphics are supposed to avoid the need for multiple translations. Either way, words might soon be a thing of the past and we’ll all write in little pictures like children. Some places do this already.