In position…

The previous post showed the bottom of the graving dock in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Today we take a look at the square rigger, Gazela in position over the blocks.


Gazela in the graving dock at Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Notice the aircraft carrier in the background. Here’s another look at the team positioning the stern over a buoy so they know the keel will land squarely on the blocks.

Crew checks the position of Gazel's stern while as the graving dock is emptied.

Crew checks the position of Gazel’s stern while as the graving dock is emptied.

I hope to get back soon, taking photos of the ship high and dry. It will be interesting to see the hull shape as well as observe the repairs and refit that will be underway.

Fair Weather

In an earlier post, I mentioned the wind and kite surfing in Aruba. Those activities may be more drama than you prefer. How about a cruise on a sailing catamaran? On Palm Beach, you can rent these little boats. They don’t weigh much and with the help of the attendants, you’re off the sand, into the sea, and ready to hoist the main for your cruise.

The predictable winds make sailing fun and easy. You can slide along the beach, just a few yards off shore, taking in the scenery, waving to the sunbathers, and generally having a good old time. It is a tranquil alternative to the jet skis; a peaceful option for you and a few of your closest friends. Don’t forget your life jacket!

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