Screaming Eagle, again

Screaming Eagle, the restaurant, is one of Aruba’s best. That’s just my opinion, but after several visits during the past year, I can say that the place has earned the title. It is located in the low-rise hotel area and features both indoor and outdoor seating. Here is a look at the exterior and the interior, photos gleaned from the restaurant’s own website.

se_exteriorQuite nice with those tensile fabrics overhead. And here is the bar.

se_barThey also offer the option of “eating in bed” but that’s not my thing so there is no photo here. Instead, let’s talk about the food. My wife started with the escargot, which she reports as very good. My friend began with calamari sauteed instead of fried. It was an interesting twist and tasty. I went with a plain old shrimp cocktail that met all expectations. Then came the entrees. My wife went with the grilled scallops shown here.

grilledscallopsMy friend’s wife choose the garlic shrimp, seen below.

garlicshrimpMy friend selected the red snapper filet.

redsnapperFinally, I choose the broiled veal chop.

vealchopThat was one delicious piece of meat, broiled to perfection with a flavorful sauce that did not overpower the natural essence of the underlying chop.

Everyone at the table thoroughly enjoyed the meal, all the way down to the desert which was an edible chocolate cup filled with orange sorbet and topped with whipped cream. Very nice indeed. Service here is highly trained, friendly, and accommodating. If you have limited time in Aruba and want to enjoy a first class meal, I highly recommend the Screaming Eagle.

Of course, now I’m over budget for the month as this place is not inexpensive. So I’m back to soup and sandwiches at home with maybe a foray out to one of my working man joints if a treat is to be had.

Bon dia from Aruba.


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