Harleys at Charlie’s

This post is for my brother-in-law. He and his wife have a pair of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and enjoy riding them most everywhere. Of course, driving to Aruba would be difficult. The good news is you can rent a Harley here on the island and take a guided tour or go exploring on your own. One of the regular stops on the tour is Charlie’s Bar, my favorite watering hole. Here’s a look at the bikes parked out front.

charlieharley_1That’s a nice selection of hardware there. While I’m not much of motorcycle enthusiast, I appreciate the vibe. It has to be a barrel of fun, especially on a Caribbean isle, just rolling along, sunshine on you, breeze blowing, taking in the sights. Nice way to ride.

charlieharley_2There in the background you see Charlie’s Bar, a San Nicolaas institution since 1941. On or off your bike, join us here for some refreshment. And please wear you helmet!

Bon dia from Aruba.